1. Select a Representative

Selecting a real estate professional to represent you is an important first step. Your sales representative should be knowledgeable,  professional and most importantly be someone you feel comfortable working with.

2. Determine the best asking price and other criteria

There are so many steps to successfully selling your home, but the most critical step is pricing your property well. Together we will discuss the important factors (where you are moving to, closing date, financial matters) and we will price your home well to ensure that you will be satisfied with the results.

3. Prepare your Home for Showings

Homes that are prepared well sell more quickly and for a better price.  Together we will take a look at your home and what steps need to be taken for it to be shown at its best.

4. Know about the Local Market

Knowledge about local market conditions is important for a smooth and successful sale. Understanding the current market and being realistic to market conditions will make your home attractive to potential buyers.  I will keep you updated regularly with information on what’s happening with your home sale as well as about any changes in the market that may affect the sale.

5. List it!

When listing your home I will ensure that it gains maximum exposure across a range of platforms.  Real estate buyers do a lot of shopping around online when searching for properties.  Having a solid marketing plan will see that your property is easily found by buyers.


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